Sam's rhubarb sauce -revised

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My favorite way to cook rhubarb is simply to cook down the cut up stalks with a tiny bit of water and a lot of sugar or honey. Then, spoon it over ice cream or eat plain.

Wash stalks to remove debris.
Chop into 1 inch – ½ inch pieces.
Add ½ c water – more or less as needed.
Add ¼ - ½ cup sugar to suit your taste – or more, see below.

A couple of things - Too much water it becomes watery. Always add a little less than you think that it needs. - Once the water starts bubbling, stir often, keep covered (when not stirring), and keep the heat low so that it doesn't burn. - It takes a LOT of honey (or sugar). Once you've added the first big bit at the beginning, wait until it is almost sauce, and then add to taste. (Be careful - once it is almost sweet enough, it becomes too sweet really fast.) Hope that you like it.


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