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                         2016 Worker Share Program

            How can you afford not to eat healthy!


Introduction- GardenCrate Company, was established in 2015 as a CSA, and is a collaboration of small family farms and currently in the process of developing a local Food Hub serving Central Wisconsin.  Eating and buying local is better for our environment and our economy.  We are proud and excited to be a part of the new food movement that is sweeping through the US which is recognized and supported by the US Department of Agriculture.   


Worker Shared- Developing a business takes many man hours, resources and expertise.  We are offering this opportunity for you to become part of the food movement and our offering worker share memberships to help make it possible to move local rural food into the urban community. By committing to a worker share, you are utilizing and sharing your expertise and in return you receive your food share free.  There are many facets of the business, including inside and outside work, stay at home or at the office jobs that you may participate in.  Some areas include, Marketing, Sales, Advertising, Promotions, Weeding, Packaging, Truck Driving, Harvesting, Cleaning, Barn Chores, Book Keeping, and much more!

Commitment- In General, 4 hours a week is required for a “free” Sprout food.  The duration can be up to 20 weeks.  You will receive a Sprout Crate of raw, nutritious seasonal fruits and veggies valued at $699 in return for 80 hours of work.  More hours may be arranged for extra food shares.  Volunteers usually go home that day with produce from the farm

  Field / Farm workers usually work the same 4-hour shift each week.  They are committed to work up to 18 weeks, from June through Oct, in the morning on Weds or Thurs or on days agreed in advance. 

  Inside Workers Positions usually work by pre-arrangement which works out best for you and the business.  Hours and time usually varies depending on what position and task you have and is fairly negotiated between both parties.


  Worker share members are committed, willing, and excited to be part of the food movement.  You should have the ability to get along with others and can work well under the direction of the owners.

  Outside Field Farm Workers should dress appropriately for the conditions, be physically in shape and enjoy the outdoors, fresh air and love nature.  Hats, sunscreen and gloves are a plus.  Work requires kneeling, lifting, carrying and walking.  Allowances will be made in case of severe weather. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I share a worker share membership with another person?  Of Course! Husband and Wife, friends, neighbors, we try to work with anyone that has the same interest and working ethic that we do.

Can I bring my dog?  We are animal lovers and our animals have been trained as what they can and cannot do. For         example, they cannot chase and kill the chickens!   So depending on the animal, this would need to be pre-approved.

Can I bring my children?  We also love children but do not want them hurt.  We work with tractors and equipment which can pose dangerous situations for children so we advise not to bring them.

I am good with web-site design.  Can I offer my talents in that apartment to your business?  Yes, Yes, Yes.  If you are talented in specialty areas, welcome on board.  We may even hire you!


How can I apply for a worker share membership?    Complete the Worker Share Member Application Form and return it to us.   We will notified you shortly after receiving the form if accepted or not.

 2015 CSA

Worker Share Application


Address ________________________________________________________________

City/State/Zip ___________________________________________________________

Phone:  ________________________ Text Number: ____________________________    

Email address ____________________________________________________________

Check Jobs You Prefer

Positions and worker shares are limited – Feel free to check all boxes that applies to you.

Note:  Not all jobs are in office or on site

Certain positions and amount of shares may be limited or you can pick up more shares per week if available.




 Field Worker (flexible)                                         Farmers Markets (usually weekends)

 Washer/Sorter/Packaging (wed and Thurs)                                     

 Promotions (flexible)                                       Truck Driver / Deliveries Wed/Thrus (No CDL) 

 Web Site   (flexible)                                                    Marketing (flexible)     

 Accountant/Book Keeping  (flexible)                                            

   Other Field of Interest:  ______________________________________________________


Tell us a little bit about yourself.  Why are you interested worker food share?



What qualifications or expertise can you bring to share with the GardenCrate Company? 




Thank you for your interest.  We will consider your request.   Also, we occasionally have job opening available and there is always a possibility of landing a paid positon at GardenCrate Company.  Thank you. 

GardenCrate Company, Mailing Address:  W1821 Capital Road, Spencer, WI


Text or Call:  715-255-8749

A Few highlights...

Free box of produce.. every week!
Internal promotions. We believe in the chance to rise from within.
Friendly, supportive work environment.
Produce goes in the box, thinking encouraged outside!

Available Positions

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