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How does GardenCrate produce delivery service work? 
We bring fresh, seasonal organic produce directly from our farm right to your door. You are able to choose the Crate Type, Size and Delivery Frequency that best fits your lifestyle, and family or office size. Each delivery comes packed with news from your farmer, recipes, produce tips and details on upcoming rural events. We pre-select the contents of your box in accordance with the season’s best mix of organic produce for your Crate and Size. Online, log in to your account to modify your preferences, such as excluding items you would rather not receive in your box. There is no commitment — you can change or suspend your service to fit your schedule or vacations. 

How do I get started
Sign up as a "New Member".   In the sign up process you’ll be able to create an account, enter your delivery information and select the Crate Type, Size and Delivery Frequency that best fits your needs. 

Where does the produce in the come from?
We bring the season’s best mix of local, organic and natural produce to your door by growing and partnering with trusted organic farms in your area.  Organic produce is first sourced from our farm, then from neighboring farms.  As we grow and add new farmers to our consortium, we  will introduce to you our new farmer and Artisans.    We are committed to working towards the principles of sustainability outlined in the Farmer’s Pledge.   

Is everything organic?
A greater percent of our produce in your Crate is certified organic or chemical and pesticide free!  In addition, our produce is grown in a sustainable farming system that nourishes a healthy ecosystem and cares for our environment.  

Is your produce GMO-free? What about your seeds?
Yes. Absolutely all of our seeds and produce are non-GMO (not genetically modified). We do not agree with GMO practices, and it is not allowed in a component of our organic practices.

What size box should I order?
We give a recommendation while it is difficult to do based on different families sizes and needs including their eating and cooking habits, we often find that a family of 2-4 enjoys the Family size crate at $39.95 delivered every week.  You will always have left over produce, but we will help educate you to reserve it and make it handy for cooking with it later on when it is out of season.  It could be as simple as cutting it up, putting it in a bag and freezing it for the next stir-fry, casserole or a nice batch of vegetable soup. Lettuce and greens, tomatoes, onions are the most popular items when they come in season and you will be getting a generous selection of more unusual crops each season.

Tip!—If you have a special request, you can try contacting or texting us by phone and we will do what we can to get it on our delivery even if it is a last minuite request!  

How frequently should I receive a delivery? 
The majority of our customers get a box every week as their main weekly source of fruits and vegetables (rather than going to the grocery store). You can also choose to get a delivery every other week, every three weeks or every four weeks or ramdom weeks! You can change your delivery frequency as your needs change.

When is the cut-off time for making changes to my service / box type?
As we need time to harvest and prepare for the packing and delivery of your box, we need to receive all changes to your service by 8 a.m. on wednesdays.  Changes to your service can be made on your account online..

What if I am allergic or do not like certain items?
You can ask that we exclude certain produce items from your box when your sign up to your account online and list the you would prefer not to receive as well as items you would rather have more on.

What if I receive an item in my delivery that I am not satisfied with?
As fresh produce is delicate in nature, we do our best to properly pack items for the journey from our farm to your door. If you receive produce that is damaged, or find an item missing from your order, please contact us immediately and we will make it right. Quality produce and outstanding customer service are of utmost importance to us.

How Long is the your season and when does my delivery start?
We are open year round as we try to keep our green houses full plus in winter we have root crops, winter squash, cabbages and Artian specialties and home staples like Bread, Milk and Kombucha!

What is included in my summer produce GardenCrate?
We grow more than forty different kinds of vegetables, fruits, and herbs.  Each week you will receive a variety of freshly harvested vegetables as they come in season such as early summer crops like strawberries, rhubarb, peas, beans and cherry tomatoes and moving on to crops such as summer squash, salad greens and tomatoes and continuing on to other crops, like fennel, parsnips, or rutabaga.

Also  don't forget to sign up for our other featured Specialty Products such as free range, organic chicken, eggs, grass fed beef, real honey, maple syrup, Kombucha and much much more!
Can I split a my Crate with a Neighbor or Friend?
Of course.  but you will have to work the details out with them such as pick up, cost, etc.

What other benefits to buying from GardenCrate Company?
You will enjoy many months of fresh, locally and sustainability grown produce grown locally and support and promote local agriculture,

What is the Real Price Value of a Produce Crate?    This is what Researchers at the University of Massachusetts has to say about comparable farms like CSA shares that they are under-priced. Consumers save $300-1000 per season by subscribing to a CSA and share prices may not adequately cover the farmers’ inputs, especially land costs. The researchers concluded, “These results suggest that CSA operations provide excellent value to the consumer and [the farmer] should be able to price shares to cover all production costs. Figuring that a full share at $400 represents only 6 percent of the $6500 an average American family spends on food each year, and provides the most important component of the diet for five months, CSA is a genuine bargain, especially if it encourages consumers to eat more fresh vegetables and less processed products.

Can I work for my vegetables?
We do offer a limited number of hours for those of enjoy working with the soil and can work in the elements of nature and the reap the bounty's  of their labor!  We have not only packing and field work available but also, computer and office work, mannig the farmers market.

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