About Us

We are happy you chose to learn more about us. We care about the safety of the food we produce, our food handling practices and about the land it is produced on.  We ensure the food we pass on and deliver to you is healthy, local, chemical and residue free as possible and non-GMO.   

Buying Local effects the farming and local community, and its sustainability to the environment which has an enormous impact on the well being of our  family. When you choose to support locally owned businesses, every dollar spent is usually spent 6 to 15 times before it officially leaves the community. When shopping locally, you create jobs, invest in your city, and promote community development. Thank you for making a smart, environmental and conscience choice.

We are local -  We are a family run produce farm along with a few of amish and neighbor friends that produce Organic and Organic Practicing small-scale Food Producing Farmers.  We can provide a larger variety of produce and many more added value products from small local and rural artians that have the same food standard as we do from right here in Wisconsin.

Our Products- We have seasonal, fresh, organic fruits and vegetables. Periodically, we also offer organic meat (beef, chicken, turkey, fish, pork), organic dairy, organic free range eggs and herbs. As the demand for organic products continues to rise, we will offer these added value products more frequently in the future. 
We are Environmental Sustainable - When buying local, we cut down the use of fossil fuels for the transport of food, reduce habitat loss, and decrease air and water pollution. By providing locally grown produce, meat and eggs, we are keeping you, our customer, close to your food chain.

Produce is Delivered to You- Skip a trip to the store and don’t be tempted to buy all that processed, genetically modified, pesticide contaminated, imported from who knows where food. Getting a weekly delivery of produce will help you eat healthier making sure you are eating green, will save you money, time and simplify your life.

Our Rural Specialty Products- As you know now, our Special Products include all other products that are not produce. Many different kinds of specialty products are being produced right here in central Wisconsin.  We travel the country side and every back road in search of finding the “Rural Specialty Product” that fits our criteria of being the finest and healthiest products available and produced right here in our back yards. We recruited some of these farmers to get on board with us, along with adding there product line to ours including: grass fed beef, free range chickens, omega-3 eggs, pure raw honey, cold pressed apple cider and much more!  You will have the opportunity to pre-order our Specialty Products- and try out their products too. See our weekly newsletter for availability.

A Crate Experience- Our families look forward to their crate delivery each week. With every crate opened, each customer gets to explore different types of seasonal produce Mother Nature has to offer including different varieties and heirlooms not available otherwise. Your delivered crate is full of a variety of healthy, nutritious, fresh picked, raw fruit and produce in its purest form. You will also find an updated weekly newsletter full of vital information, healthy recipes, articles and kid-friendly! 

Proud Stewards of Land- The land beneath us is in our care and is our responsibility. Our vegetables, fruits, and herbs are just one part of a larger farm ecosystem that include fertility-boosting cover crops, compost, pollinators, predatory insects, natural areas, and water conservation features. We are in transition to USDA Organic Certification. This means that we are currently following the growing practices set forth by the National Organic Program, and will be eligible for certification in 2018. Organic certification is a 3 year process, and it is much more than "chemical-free" farming. The process of organic certification requires careful record keeping. We track our work on the farm through planting logs, harvesting logs, crop rotation diagrams, seed records, water testing, and much more!

Have a Sense of Well Being- You will feel good knowing that you are doing the right thing for you and your family by buying healthy food. Over time, many of us have developed bad eating habits and forgot what real food is. Joining GardenCrate Company is a good start to get back on the right track. Try us out for a season. Take charge of what goes in your food and on your plate. Support the Real Food Movement to Your Door!